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THE book on becoming a better boss

Do you want to be a better boss? To improve your management skills? ‘The Boss Benchmark' management book will teach you how.
















I used to run a staff survey company

I surveyed countless staff, in organisations of all sizes. Finding out exactly what their managers could be doing better.

I discovered 35 things that good bosses do, and bad bosses don't

Eventually it became clear that there's a common set of things that good managers do, and bad managers don't. 35 things, to be precise. When I discovered that these things – these ‘better management practices' – are pretty much universal, I decided to write a book about them. I called that book ‘The Boss Benchmark', because that's exactly what those 35 practices add up to: a benchmark by which all managers can be measured.

Plus 55 real-world management examples

Of course, it's not just a list of commandments. I back up those 35 ‘better management practices' with 55 management examples from real-world workplaces. Examples of poor management, better management and great management.

Saatchi & Saatchi's Worldwide CEO bought 45 copies of the book

I'd like to say I wasn't surprised when Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi's Worldwide CEO, bought 45 copies of ‘The Boss Benchmark', to hand out to his senior management team. But I was. Very surprised.


Saatchi & Saatchi is one of the world's leading advertising companies, after all! If any managers were doing things right, theirs were.


But Kevin wanted them to be even better, it seems. Or perhaps he just realised that great management requires constant learning and constant adaptation. Whatever the case, he certainly liked the book:


“It's impressive. Pithy. Funny. On target… a great rev up – everyone'll buy one for their boss!!!”

Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi

Another reader thought he was doing fine, until...

Another reader sheepishly told me he thought he was doing just fine as a boss... until he gave the book to his staff, and asked for their feedback on each point. He soon discovered there was a lot he could do to be a better manager. But the important thing is that he MADE that discovery. He learnt what he should be doing, then he went ahead and did it.

Just by being here, you're a step ahead of your competition

Like the reader above, you're already on the right path. Just by being here, acknowledging that you could be a better manager, you're a step ahead of most of your competition. Many bosses think they don't need to improve at all. They're not interested in finding out how their management could be better.


And every page of this book that you read is one more step ahead...

Feel content at the end of your workday

If you'd like to come home from work, each day, feeling content, feeling that you're doing all the right things to become a better manager, knowing that your staff respect you and your management, then you won't go wrong with ‘The Boss Benchmark'.

Even if you're not already a manager

Even if you're not yet in management, but you aspire to be, ‘The Boss Benchmark' management book is ideal. What better way to become a manager than to know, ahead of time, how to be an effective one?


Buy the ‘The Boss Benchmark' ebook now, and Download Instantly (or you can buy it in hardcopy)


Buy ‘The Boss Benchmark' management ebook now and download it instantly. You'll find it contains all the information you need to become a better boss. You can even buy multiple copies of the book – one for each of your management staff (or maybe one for each of your bosses! ;-)

What the book ‘The Boss Benchmark' contains

‘The Boss Benchmark' is a 150 page book, detailing the 35 ‘better management practices' you need to master if you want to be, not just a better boss, but a GREAT boss. Of course, it's more than a management checklist. You'll learn from a detailed discussion of each practice, and you'll see how it all applies to the real world, with 55 real workplace stories (both good and bad).



You'll learn:

•  What small stuff you DO need to sweat

•  How being off task gets MORE work done

•  What big management mistake you keep making (it costs nothing to fix)

•  How the yucky stuff is a huge blessing

•  What cricket can teach you about being contagious at work

•  Why workers WANT you to get all philosophical on them

•  The team ‘skill stock-take' you'll wish you did 20 years ago

•  What stops your workers performing as well as they know they can

Buy ‘The Boss Benchmark' ebook now, and Download Instantly (or choose the hardcopy version)

Buy ‘The Boss Benchmark' management ebook now , and download it instantly. You'll start being a better manager the moment you start reading!


Contact me if you have any questions

Please drop me an email if you have any questions about the book or the things you've learned.




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